Fashion CX Analysis and Insights

Chattermill's insight team analyses trends in the fashion industry.

Our findings and recommendation

Double Down on Delivery

Customer sentiment towards delivery begins to decrease when deliveries take longer than 7 days. Tracking and accurate delivery estimation dates are valued by customers. Improving this will decrease customer service inquiries and increase customer sentiment.

Competitive Return Policy

Feedback suggests stores that offer competitive return policies by extending return period from 30 to 60 days help encourage customers to make purchasing decisions. With customers unable to access High Street stores as frequently and fitting rooms closed, this is becoming an increasingly important aspect of online shopping.

Customer Service Solutions

Think of ways to improve customer care experience without increasing costs. For example: providing dedicated pages for return/refund policies, ensuring chat bots/virtual assistance are able to redirect customers to live agents when needed and automation of delivery information via app notifications and emails.

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